Mr. Ram Kishan Gupta

"Welcome to GLH Public School, Rewari. We are a school that prides itself not only in fostering academic excellence but also in making our learners spend at school, satisfying, fulfilling and joyous moments. These formative years should be remembered by our children throughout their lives."

Vice President

‘Since my childhood, I have looked up to my father, He had always worked towards providing an improved educational structure to the society, and worked his fingers to the bone and built ‘Jain Public School’. Now, I have a space to do the same, and I would preach what I have seeked from my father’.
I wish to foster our students’ love for learning, encourage them to try new and exciting things, and give them a solid roots to build on.
My vision is to develop well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. I wish do this by providing a welcoming, happy, safe, and supportive learning environment in which everyone is equal and all achievements are celebrated. I believe that a happy child is a successful one.

Mr. Sandeep Jain

We at GLH Public School are committed to providing a positive, safe and stimulating environment for children to learn, where all are valued. We intend that all children should enjoy their learning, achieve their potential and become independent life-long learners.

I wish each and every child a bright future and a life full of success ahead.


Mr. Akshay Gupta

"Triangular relationship with the child, home and school at the vertices can be strengthened through constant interaction between parents and teachers. I wish for the continuous growth and progress of our school."

Joint Secretary

"GLH Public School, Rewari coeducational environment reflects the world in which our students will one day live and work. Beyond mastering academic disciplines,
students are taught to respect all people and things, to be honest with themselves and others."

Mr. Pawan Kumar Gupta


Mr. Rajkumar Kalra

Providing excellent education to the students is of course the most important mission of GLH Public School, Rewari….


Hindu High School, Model Town, Rewari
Governing Body Session 2022-2025

S.No Name Post
1 Sh. Ram Kishan Gupta President
2 Sh. Sandeep Jain Vice President
3 Sh. Akshay Gupta Secretary
4 Sh. Pawan Kumar Gupta Joint Secretary
5 Sh. Raj Kumar Kalra Manager
6 Sh. Mahesh Aggarwal Member
7 Sh. Mahender Goyal Member
8 Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal Member
9 Sh. Jag Mohan Aggarwal Member
10 Sh. Tarun Garg Member
11 Sh. Murari Lal Member
12 Sh. Ishwar Kumar Garg Member
13 Sh. Sunil Kumar Khandelwal Member
14 Sh. Mohan Lal Gupta Member
15 Sh. Chander Sekhar Member
16 Sh. Nikhil Aggarwal Member
17 Sh. Anil Thakral Member
18 Sh. Anil Arora Member
19 Sh. Surender Khurana Member
20 Sh. Amit Taneja Member
21 Sh. Dinesh Goyal Nominated Member
22 Smt. Saroj Aggarwal Lady Member