The Hindu High School Society is a well established, association of respected citizens of Rewari, who share the intent to nurture the well being of their city by providing quality education. The Society made its inception in pre-independence era on April 1, 1944.The founding fathers contributed immensely with dedicated efforts.. The vision and foresight of prominent members - businessmen, traders and industrialists combined with the zeal of a few teachers culminated in founding Hindu High School. This fulfilled the need of a premier Hindi medium school .It was established at Makhan Lal Dharamshala, Railway Road, Rewari. The Society is proud to have given the Nation innumerable patriots and freedom fighters, who have served the country in different walks of life. The alumni have distinguished themselves in the field of education , government, Defence services , corporate and business sectors.

Recently ,keeping in line with the emerging global trends and aspirations of the new generation,the need was felt for providing the community with an excellent English medium school. A school which would develop in the children the capability of adapting to the demands of modern day-self reliance, responsible use of technology, good work-ethics and the ability to work in teams .With such a modern outlook it is essential to keep our children rooted firmly to family ties ,the rich culture and tradition of the Hindu Community , upholding high moral values . The Ganeshi Lal Hindu Public School has been conceived with these noble ideas.