• To develop in our students, academic skills and abilities of a very high order, which will enable them to pursue their chosen vocational fields with resounding success.
  • To imbibe in them a sense of discipline, self reliance and determination. 
  • To encourage creativity and out of the box thinking. 
  • To develop in them the power of verbal expression and the ability to be logical and forthright. 
  • To promote physical fitness and sportsmanship and develop the lure of outdoors and adventure. 
  • To nurture our traditional values and culture as a corner stone of character building and personality development so that our students go forth as confident, fearless, mentally robust and physically fit individuals who are also humble, compassionate, generous, honest and trustworthy.
  • To inculcate a desire in our students and teachers to make a difference in the lives of others through their own actions and example.
  • To provide to our Faculty members and staff, a special place to pursue the science and art of teaching through regular training..