Message from the Director/Principal

Our institution offers a CBSE Curriculum in English Medium for Pre-school, Pre-Primary and , Primary classes. In the following year the remaining classes of middle school would cater to the need of a comprehensive Elementary education. Our efforts at learning would be supported by multimodal methods of instruction, including the use of state-of-the-art-technology The teachers would work with the students in small groups using a flexible, innovative and ‘thematic approach’ to learning, both inside and outside the classroom. Our students would not be passive spectators to the learning process, but rather active participants who would ‘learn by doing’.

It is our firm belief that like an ever-rising tower of blocks, students build on what they know, very efficiently and effectively. They grow in a suitable environment to great heights raising their knowledge and capabilities. The sound academic, social and emotional skills learnt in Elementary school would be the building blocks of their future in the senior classes.

The colours of the school logo are inspired from the colours of the Tiranga, our National Flag. The green colour symbolizes the prosperity of the region the school would contribute to. The saffron is symbolic of the wisdom of our country’s great teachers and sages who we hold in great esteem . White represents the purity of thought and action we want to uphold in educating our students. Just as the wheel and its twenty- four spokes on our flag signify progress, at GLH Public School, we want to exude progressive thinking and a positive attitude. We well realize that “Time and Tide wait for none”. So we would forge ahead so that the school functions in the community, for the community and with the community .With self-discipline and self-motivation, our students and teachers would evolve as ideal ‘agents of change’ for the betterment of the Community and the Society at large.


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