Message from the Board of Governors

Posted by:rakeshjuneja
10 December 0

Welcome to GLH Public School, Garhi Bolni Road, Rewari. We are proud of the commitment we are making for the progress of the student community and hope you will share the same feeling with us. Our school has been established to meet the educational requirements of students of Rewari and neighbouring areas. We would provide an enriched environment and encourage experiential learning, freedom to experiment and to think differently. We would prepare our students with broad based, creative and innovative methods to empower and enable them to compete and thrive in the knowledge based economy of 21st century and to manage their future. Our students would be nurtured to grow into responsible individuals. We have made an effort to provide a balanced mix of tradition and modernity. Our education system is visualized as a smooth blend of the rich Indian culture and internationally accepted best-practices.

The prime aim of our school is to provide each child the facilities and means to develop his or her own potential .We would prepare them to set forth with full confidence and achieve success in their chosen field ,thereby contributing meaningfully to society. Students are expected to participate actively and ‘learn by doing ‘. Each child is an individual learner; we acknowledge and respond to this uniqueness with a flexible, innovative approach to learning ,both inside and outside the classroom. It is our firm belief that the innate curiosity of each child must be nurtured. We realize that along with academic excellence the children need to develop good social skills, adjust with peers and develop a sound value system.

Parents are important stakeholders in the growth and development of their child. Communication with home is critical to a child’s success .We strive to maintain strong ties with parents, providing ample reporting through circulars, newsletters ,and parent –teacher meets ,counseling them and taking their valuable inputs from feedback ,as required in the best interest of their ward.
We assure you of our sincerity of purpose in giving your child a cheerful and enriched environment and in making efforts to provide each child maximum opportunity to develop his /her potential..