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Details of Fee Structure and Payment Plan For (2020-21):

Category Particulars Pre Nur to UKG (Amount in Rs.) 1st to 12th (Amount in Rs.)
Admission Fee 1 Security Fee (Refundable) For New Students) 2000 2000
2 Admission Fee (One Time) 0 0
3 Annual Charges 12000 12000
Total 14000 14000
Monthly Fee 1  Nur - UKG 2100  
2 Primary ( Ist to 5th )   2500
3 6th to 10th   3000
  4 11th to 12th Commerce/Science/Arts   3500
  5 11 to 12th Science Lab Charges   700
Transport Fee As Per Slab   0 - 2.0 K.M 800 800
  2.1 - 5.5 K.M 1000 1000
  5.6 - 10 K.M 1200 1200
  5.6 - 10 K.M 1400 1400
    10.1- 15 K.M 1600 1600


Fees Procedure for 2020-21 (Qtr paid Only) 

1st QUARTER 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
April To June July To September October to December January To March
Admision Fees* + Quarterly Fees + Bus Charges Quarterly Fees +Bus Charges     Quarterly Fee + Bus Charges     Quarterly Fees +Bus Charges


Concession DISCOUNT on Monthly Fees
Siblings Concession    (25% Discount for 2nd Child + 50% Discount for 3rd Child in Tuition Fees )
Single Girl Child - 20% Discount in Tution Fee
War widow child - 20% Discount in Tution Fee 
State/National Player (Medal) & Academics achievement - 20% Discount in Tution Fee (For One Year)
New Student class 7th to 11th -  above 90% - 10% Off in Tuition Fees.


Important: Quarterly fee must be paid before the 10th of each starting month of quarter mentioned above, by Cheque and before 15th by cash.  In case of delay, late fee will be charged. Non payment of fee or other dues may result in taking the student’s name off the Rolls.


  1. Only Security Deposit is Refundable.
  2. Fee may be paid either in Cash/Demand draft/Pay order/Cheque in favour of  "GLH Public School” to the Accounts office".
  3. In Case of Cheque Bounce extra amount of Rs 500 will be charged and Fee for that Quarter will have to be paid in cash. In case of two instances of cheque Bounce all pending Fees for the Full academic year will be accepted in cash only.
  4. Bus service is optional. Minimum monthly bus fee is Rs. 700/-.
  5. Fee of Rs. 150/- payable at the time of Registration and for school prospectus is neither refundable nor transferable.
  6. Registration does not provide guarantee for admission.


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